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Transitions Holistic Care
Transitions Holistic Care
May 7, 17 - May 7, 17  3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Transitions Holistic Care

Philosophy of Care based on The Five Freedoms of Virginia Satir


Program Goal: This Specialized Training is for significant Transition time in our lives suchs as: End of Life, Care for Elderly, Major Illness Caretaking, Divorce or Breakup of a Relationship or any other major change in our lives needing extra support, care, love and attention to manage our life situation.

Program Objective: The EMP Holistic Care team member works with the individual and / or family member to determine a pathway to manage and support the healing process for all those concerned. A holistic approach is addressed for body, emotional, mental and spiritual needs - and how to best worik with those affected by the transition.

Program Director: The team is headed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CEMP/S/I, HTCP who has over 40 years practicing, teaching in multiple countries world wide serving those with a variety of religioug orientations and health / illness conditions. She has teamed up with others who complete a holistic approach to care be it as simple as how to accommodate my loved one in my home, how to make adjustments in the home environment and provide the care needed from a family perspective or community of concerned friends / colleagues. Mary Jo was friends with Virginia Satir and worked closely with her helping to launch her international teaching nextwork during her work as an associate professor in nursing at the University of Utah.

Rationale: More options in health care are needed to serve various situations. This model is one approch to address what is needed. Call or send a notice here if you are interested in attending this two hour event that serves holistic nurses and other health care professionals desiring to branch out into the realm of holistic, family centered care.

Training Cost for 2 hours: $50 contact hours will be awarded.

Program Philosophy: Click here




On-line & THC
On-line & THC


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