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Spiritual ME Sundays with Dr. MJ
Spiritual ME Sundays with Dr. MJ
May 12, 19 - Jun 23, 19  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
On line with Zoom & Triangle Holistic Center - Durham
Spiritual Development



Spiritual ME Sundays

Webinar by Dr. MJ Bulbrook IANDS Facilitator Intern

                      Dates: April 14, April 28, May 12, May 26, June 9, June 23                     


5 – 6:00 EDT: 30 min Lecture, 30 min Q & A (Both Recorded)       

6 to 6:30 EDT Support & Healing 30 min (Not recorded)

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Description: Explore mystical experiences such as Near-Death Experience (NDE), Shared Death Experience (STE) and Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STE) with facilitator Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook.   As a practitioner, academic and researcher in this area, Dr. MJ brings a wealth of learning to the table on the why’s, how to’s and what for’s in a practical format to offer options and resources for recovery. She will incorporate what she learned from other experts and colleagues in the industry, to support the Spiritual ME Sundays series helping to reinforce the practical teachings and resources available to guide you on your path.  

  • Cost: Recording one hour only $10 each Sunday lecture = $60 or special for 6 for $50 if paid for by April 1st
  • Each 1 hr live session $15 includes Q & A and is recorded = $90 or special for 6 $75 if paid for by April 1st
  • Additional support & healing is $20 includes each = $120 or all 6 if piad for by April 1st

April 14th & 28th Sunday Sessions – Notes for the Self: Lessons Learned - In the Notes for the Self: Lessons Learned Sunday, significant teachings and learnings from a multitude of experts that MJ has studied with will be shared covering the lessons learned. Examples how to apply or expand the teachings will be explored with the Q & A as well.

May 12th & 26th Sunday Session – Hospital Experiences: Patients & Personnel - Many NDE, SDE and STE are experienced in hospitals. Sharing what happens opens doors to understanding and compassion that places new awareness for all to consider of what to expect and how perhaps to be supportive. Explore hospital triggered spiritual transformative experiences and ways to help. 

June 9th and 23 rd Sunday Session - Energy Healing Support Theory & Practice for NDE & STE - Often those who have NDE and STE leave their physical body. This causes problems in integrating back into their life. Learning about this critical aspect of what happens and how to correct the after effects is critical to return to health and well-being. The event will prepare individuals to the theory of what happens within our physical body and how to correct it suing simple interventions that you can do for your self and signs that further professional support may be needed.  


Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook

Dean, Institute for CAM Studies


           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /                     

                                          1.919.923.2409 cell / 1.919.381.4198 office Eastern Time Zone                                                             

Intl Headquarters: Triangle Holistic Center 3211 Gibson Road, Durham, NC 27703

On-site location possible as well as live streaming 

About the Presenter: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook is an internationally renowned master teacher, spiritual / medical intuitive, mystic, shaman, co-creative healing medium, expert energy healing specialist, health care professional and psychotherapist. She has over 50+ years practicing, teaching traditional psychotherapy to nurses and other health professionals as well as energy therapy healing worldwide.  She has worked intimately with traditional healers from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, & Peru blending their wisdom in her spiritually guided life's work. Currently she is Dean of the CAM Institute at Akamai University.  Her goal is to awaken and empower individuals with their spiritual journey and destiny.


On line with Zoom & Triangle Holistic CenterMap
On line with Zoom & Triangle Holistic Center
3211 Gibson Road
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 Take the opportunity to capture the quiet inner space within as held in sacred ceremony at the Triangle Holistic Center in Durham, NC 27703

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