New Opportunity for Healers

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Wednesday, 09 June 2021 00:00
Energy Medicine Partnerships has partnered with the Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine associated with Akamai University - online training worledwide. It also has expanded the opportuninty to become a Certified Specialist in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and / or Energy Kinesiology for healers and practitioners from other disciplines such as Healing Touch, Touch For Health and Reiki to name a few. 
Also starting in 2018 the Advanced Development of the Healer Series on the thrid Monday from 5 to 630 pm. Check the events to see the schedule. 
As the demand for qualified practitioners in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Energy Kinesiology has increased with the recent advances in research and in traditional health care, energy medicine training will provide practitioners with additional credentials for the new roles in health and healing.  
Opportunity exists to recieve academic credit for the above through Akamai University.  Energy Medicine Partnerships is an affiliate program with AU.
In addition to the EM Specialist training there will be Mentorship Grop experience to support healers in their developmental process.  
See the Mentorship Group Flyer for details what this entails. Opportunity exists to receive university credit for these as well.  
Dr. Bulbrook is Dean of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Akamai University.  
Call for details.  919 923.2409.
Check out the events to see what is possible and description of the Specialist training program. 


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Wise Chats Radio Show

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Wednesday, 09 June 2021 00:00

Wise Chats Radio Show on Voice America Internet Radio

Provides rich opportunity to update you internal computer of multi-dimensionality from worlds leading experts.

Empowering Your Life through Spiritual Guidance

Series Overview with Helpful How to Hints

August 2013 to Nov 2013 Weekly Searies Still Available - Click Here



Featuring Host: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, President of Energy Medicine Partnerships    





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Written by Chris   
Thursday, 03 December 2020 00:00


  • EMP affiliation with Akamai University provided the opportunity for university credit:
  • Voice of America Radio show hosted by EMP Director, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook available on linefor 13 weeks.  The show is titled: Wise Chats: Simple talk, Profound Wisdom
  • Water Lily Press has assumed manatement of the EMP bookstore.  It is fully oprational on-line.  Go to
  • The EMP web site has been updated and revised.
  • Webinar series will commence in JANUARY 2021 
  • April 2021 will bring a joint meeting with EMP and Akamai University uniting the mission of both programs.


Past Highlights

EMP Collaboration News:

  • Presented at the Comprehensive Association of Energy Psychology, in Washington DC, April, 2007 was offered by Dr. Bulbrook who is on the Board of ACEP.

  • Dr. Bulbrook's has an article titled: "Whee on the Move in Peru and Canada", in The International Journal of Healing and Caring - On Line, Editor, Daniel J. Benor, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , May 2007, see article here.

  • At the World Congress on Families, in Prague, the Virginia Satir Global Network Dr. Bulbrook had her paper accepted identifying the energetic manifestations of Satir's communication stances in her family therpay training.

  • Support of doctoral student from Akamai University to conduct research in TYLEM in Sudan, Africa working with homeless children has been approved.

  • Dr. Bulbrook presented at the Rhine Center for Consciousness Study in March 2007 on medical intuition held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • Five EMP faculty presented at the Mayo Clinic, Quest for Quality conference in Rochester, MN.

  • Trip was done with EMP South Africa for October 2007 for teaching advanced TYLEM and holding an EMP conference in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal.


EMP Education and Class News:

  • Rose Pere, ancient wisdom keeper of New Zealand offering sacred teaching Te Wheke came to North Carolina after her presentation at International Society for the Study of Energy and Energy Medicine June, 2007.

  • Centers of Excellence for the practice & teaching of TYLEM have been established in Peru, in South Africa and at the Triangle Holistic Center in Durham, NC.

  • Computer data base for TYLEM documentation and research purposes has been design in South Africa and is now in field testing stage for worldwide collection of data.

  • Research on the impact of TYLEM in the South African context is in process for a masters degree project by Brenda McFie at the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine in Durban, South Africa.

  • Launching of the Energy Medicine Animal Program occurred in Canada, July, 2007.

  • First South African Energy Medicine Specialists were awarded in October, 2007.

  • Introduction of Creating Healing Gardens program will be in Durham, NC, 2007 


Humanitarian Service News:

  • Opening of Children’s Center in Lima, Peru, December 2006 by missionary Presentation Sister Marg Kehoe from Queensland Australia. Self Care for Kids is offered based on TYLEM and other material.

  • Donations accepted for Kids Helping Kids Worldwide through Energy Medicine Partnerships International for the support of this humanitarian efforts as well as other service projects planned in other countries.

  • Dr. Bulbrook offered classes for mothers and children in Lima, Peru in support of Self Care for Kids project. A new program title, Self Care for Moms to be offered there as well serving an extremely poor section outside the city limits of Peru.

  • EMP visited 4 teaching sites in February, 2007 where Peruvian Energy Medicine Practitioners offer their services predominately to the poor of Peru.

  • Launching of a grant to teach Spanish speaking poor women in Laredo, TX, February, 2006. Project is funded by Mercy Sisters of Burlingame, CA.

  • Donations to Energy Medicine Partnerships International for the Kids Helping Kids was sent from Calgary and Newfoundland, Canada as well as private donations.

  • Support of returning vets from Iraq for injuries sustained in the war was offered by TYLEM faculty Brenda Simmons

  • Training of South Africans in Ways to Health is in the planning stages to address health needs of the people there from AIDS, HIV and TB epidemics.

  • Sister Barbara Cavanaugh completed her work working with women prisoners in the San Francisco jail and has started a new project in Laredo, TX with the poor.

  • Kay Bazzett, EMAP instructor from Michigan continues ongoing equine work for over the years working with rescued horses.


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