Practioners and Specialist Pathways

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Energy Medicine 

Training Programs 

Goal:  Participants will learn the practice of Energy Medicine therapy and leadership in health and healing across the age span health / illness continuum. 


Training Description:  Energy Medicine is an integrative complementary therapy training in which one can learn to become an Energy Medicine Practitioner and / or Specialist. While operating under a code of ethics and standards of practice, Energy Medicine practitioners and specialists work with clients / patients to establish mutual goals for facilitating health and healing. Energy Medicine Practitioner: Becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner entails completing EM Parts 1-5, a supervised practicum, and clinical documentation of applying to a client population the following: Clearing the Self, Healing Wounds, Changing Limiting Beliefs, Healing Relationships Energetically, and Reshaping Family Energy Patterns. Throughout the practicum, participants will apply the knowledge about Energy Medicine principles, assessments, interventions, and documentation process under the supervision of an Energy Medicine Instructor.


Energy Medicine Specialist: Becoming an Energy Medicine Specialist is available for individuals who combine one or two energy modalities with professional training to provide leadership in the advancement of energy approached to health and healing through energetic practice, teaching, administration and research. Specialist training includes: EM Parts 6 (meridian, body system and organs) or a substitute course & EM Part 7 (creating an Energy Medicine specialist practice), advanced clinical documentation process and mentorship with an EM instructor to receive support and help in developing their specialty role. Certification:  Certification for Energy Medicine Practitioners and Specialists is available through Energy Medicine Partnerships International.  


See Certification for more details.


Ethics Documents Click Here 

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Instructor Training

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This article contains TYLEM and EMSC Instructor training. Click here for a PDF copy.

TYLEM Instructor Training

To see the TYLEM course background, click here.


Provide adequate training and support to offer one or more of the Energy Medicine Partnerships educational programs.


Becoming an instructor for Energy Medicine Partnerships is a journey rather than a linear task. Decisions to be eligible to enter one of the instructor pathways are made on applicants request, previous training as a teacher in energy medicine or another field or energy modality and background / interests. The EMP program director oversees the development of all instructors; however, in some instances, the role is delegated to other senior faculty.

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Energy Medicine Partnerships International (EMPI) Certification:
Energy Medicine Practioner & Energy Medicine Specialist base training in

Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM)

Click on the link to see the list

Energy Medicine Practitioners

Energy Medicine Specialist

Energy Medicine Animal Practitioner

Through Energy Medicine Partnerships

Recertification Criteria 2016-2021:

Click Here for EMP & EMS and Here for Certification (CEMP) (CEMS)

Questions & Answers on Recertification and Renewal for 2016

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

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Program Description

Energy Medicine Partnerships, Inc. (EMP) is responsible for the TYLEM Overview and awarding the title Energy Medicine Practitioner and Specialist after meeting educational criteria. Once the title has been awarded, and a person is approved by the Energy Medicine program director, the person is eligible to apply to Energy Medicine Partnerships International (EMPI) to become certified. The application requires completing a set of criteria established by the EMPI, submitting a fee for review by a review board of the EMPI who are certified practitioners and specialists.

Energy Medicine Partnerships is an approved provider of continuing education by several accrediting organizations.  Please click to see more information.

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