Energy Medicine Self Care

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Written by Chris   
Saturday, 03 March 2018 00:00


 Are you, stressed, overworked, or just not feeling well? Are you, a family member or friend suffering from cancer, heart-related problems, depression, broken bones or emotional wounds that won't heal? Do you have a back injury, arthritis, HIV or aids, grief, trouble with relationships or family problems? Then energy medicine has something to offer you.

The Energy Medicine Self-Care (EMSC) treatments are done with the hands, from a gentle heart centered approach as illustrated.

We are intricate energy systems that have many significant parts affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Through TYLEM, the energy system is cleared, balanced and vitalized to promote self healing.




Energy Medicine Self-Care (EMSC) is designed to help you understand and manage your health using energy principles, energy assessment and energy treatments.

Each Pathways to Health module addresses a specific need, population, and individualized focus. The pathway will show you how things in your life affect your energy and how energy in turn impacts you physically emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Energy Medicine Self-Care modules are designed for those persons who want to stay healthy, regain and/or improve their health as well as assisting families, caretakers, health care professionals and healers to do the same. The module content is needs specific and described by the title of the module. Click on one of the following to find out more:


  1. Health Enhancement and Stress Relief
  2. Healing from Trauma, Abuse, and Disasters
  3. Empowerment with Cancer
  4. Supporting Families and Children
  5. Coping with Grief and Loss
  6. Senior Wellness
  7. Growing Spiritually



In each Pathways to Health module the participant will address the following:

    1. Describe the energy system and its' impact on health and well being.
    2. Identify significant energy medicine research the underlines the EMSC program.
    3. Describe the energetic theory and principles of EMSC program.
    4. Perform a personal lifestyle analysis to identify your self care needs/issues.
    5. Practice Energy Medicine Self-Care interventions.
    6. Design a personal Energy Medicine Self-Care ritual
    7. Share your experiences.


Background information will be given about our bodies as vibrant energy beings covering some of the latest research that defines this emerging field of study called energy medicine. The EMSC teacher will build on the knowledge base of the population served, while consideration of the implications on partners, family members as well as health care and other persons related to the topic, for example: ministers, teachers, coaches, business associates.


A self-analysis of your current health status will be done followed by specific energy medicine interventions to help you. Your personal spiritual basis will be foundational and supported in building a daily / weekly Energy Medicine Self Care ritual for your life.

Class content will be individualized in each module regarding the topic, energetic manifestations of the topic, background of the participant and health situation.


Each module can be 1 - 8 contact hours or even longer if desired or needed, using a variety of formats to meet different population(s), needs and situations. There will be lecture, discussion, demonstration, practice and sharing circles. The modules stand alone however more than one can be taken. A certificate of attendance will be given.


Betty was referred to the emergency department with tightness in the chest. After medical treatment and evaluation the diagnosis was a mild heart attack. She is placed on medication and advised to reduce stress in her life. The pain radiating down her arm is a sign of blocked energy in a meridian, specifically the heart meridian. Energy Medicine deals with ways to unblock meridians.

George is suffering from depression. Life holds very little meaning for him these days and all aspects of his life seem to drag on. Once placed on the protocol for depression using energy work in combination with George's medical doctor's regime, his life really began to turn around. George now knows how to alter his energy and get it flowing again.

A large seeping wound the size of a fist was not responding to drug therapy treatment even through the hospital personnel were very careful in caring for this bed-ridden patient. An energetic intervention for this client in the Veterans Administration Hospital assists in wound healing with remarkable results. This is a good example of the need for balancing the body's energy by energetically trained health professionals, focusing energy into the vulnerable area of the body and sweeping away congested, hot energy.

This process is contrasted with helping Robin who was suffering an aching pain in her arm resulting from a broken wrist 2 months prior. She had continual aching both in the wrist and the elbow. One treatment was needed to clear the blockage in the meridian that flowed through the wrist and elbow. She was taught how to do the procedure for herself at the first sign of aching. She left with a greater respect for the importance of maintaining energy health and empowered to make changes for herself.



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