Special Programs


Expanding upon the TYLEM core teachings, these programs are tailored to specific situations and professions including:

  • Physicians
  • Organizations
  • Massage Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Seniors
  • Kids

Energy Medicine in Organizations

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Saturday, 30 December 2017 00:00

Workplace Energetics: Healthy Employees Produce Healthy Organizations


Provides effective simple strategies to improve workplace productivity.


Energy medicine is the art and science of healing through the human energy system. It integrates complementary therapies with traditional health care using a holistic approach to wellness. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects all interrelate and contribute to a person’s / organization’s overall health and well-being.

This innovative series, developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook of Energy Medicine Partnerships Inc. of North Carolina, uses principles and techniques created in the "Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine" (TYLEM) program.


Participants will be able to:

  • reduce stress - promote a sense of well-being
  • create alignment to purpose - change limiting beliefs
  • manage pain - recover from trauma
  • address illness and health challenges
  • improve organizational health.

Employee wellness and controlling benefits costs are two of the top ten business concerns for corporate Human Resource and Wellness professionals. Giving people the tools to be their best and most productive is increasingly important in labour shortages. Healthy employees lead to healthy organizations.

Workplace Energetics Modules

Part 1 Workplace Wellness

Staying Well
Getting Well
Good-bye Stress

Part 2 Reducing Stress

Happy at Work
Managing Accodents on the Job
Back from Workplace Injuries

Part 3 Health Communication at Work

Everyone Has a Say
Don’t Carry Work Home
Come to Work Refreshed

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Connecting With Angels

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Saturday, 30 December 2017 00:00

angelAngel Intent

  • Develop your ability to communicate witha ngels and share angel stories.
  • Work wiht angels in healing of self and others.
  • Explore advanced meditation to increase your vibration to more fully connect with angels.
  • Experience angel readings, angel interventions.
  • Practice interventions to protect your energy system.

 The series includes:

  • Walking With Angels
  • Sensing Angels
  • The Role of Angels
  • Angel Net Process
  • Sharing Angel Messages and Stories
  • Visioning With Angels
  • You and Healing Angels


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Energy Medicine for Massage Therapists

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Written by Chris   
Saturday, 30 December 2017 00:00

Program Goal

Energy Medicine for Massage Therapists(EM-MT) is designed for massage therapists who desire to add complementary therapy certification to their credentials empowering them with expertise in energy medicine.

Program Description

The contributions of energy medicine provide an additional framework for massage therapists to stay current in some of the newest innovations impacting health and healing.

Designed for massage therapist practitioners, EM-MT provides theory, energetic principles of care, energetic assessment, and energetic interventions, self-care practices and a two-day practicum under the supervision of an Energy Medicine instructor of the TYLEM program to support applying the material earned to a massage therapy practice. 

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Total Wellness & Health

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Saturday, 30 December 2017 00:00

Goal: The cutting edge of health care is applying Energy Medicine, Healing Touch and Energy to transform lives and empower individuals to take charge of their health and healing. 

Background: Learn simple energetic tools to make a difference in your life and those you love. Total Wellness is based on the teachings found in Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine, (TYLEM) developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Healing Touch (HT) developed by Janet Mentgen and Dr. Dan Benor, MD, creator of WHEE a form of Energy Psychology. These three programs contain different strategies that change the energy system, which in turn changes health and healing. Based on the new research outlined in the film The Living Matrix, Total Wellness gives you the tools to do this. 
In a compromised economy becoming empowered to change your health with managing what is going on in your life’s rather than depending on only health care professionals and the illness system of care will become even more important.


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