Healing From Trauma, Abuse, Disasters

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Thursday, 21 September 2023 00:00


Are you suffering from trauma of some kind? Have your served in the military and experienced difficult hardships? Have you had a near death experience? Has someone abused you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually? Have you or someone you know been involved in a natural or man-made disaster? If the answer is yes to any of these, Pathway to Health 1 has something to offer you.

Help you regain or improve your health after trauma, abuse or disaster using Energy Medicine Self Care (EMSC) in addition to any other health care interventions from a health professional.

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Virginia Satir Process Blended with Energy Medicine

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Tuesday, 09 January 2024 00:00

Virginia Satir Process For Becoming More Fully Human & Energy Medicine


Satir & Bulbrook

Virginia Satir and Mary Jo Bulbrook, Seattle, Washington


This experiential course is based on the psychotherapy training of renowned family therapist Virginia Satir with Mary Jo Bulbrook's worldwide TYLEM™ training. Participants will learn ways to enhance and heal relationships with this unique therapy process.

Spiritual intuitive insights from multi-generational and multi-time dimensions reveal locked patterns of energy that hold spiritual lessons for health and healing. Participants develop insights and heal personal and family relationships with this innovative process. (8-16 contact hours)

Satir - Bulbrook Certificate Program Available. Click here to view.


Satir Prayer

Satir's prayer that helps portray the "whole person model for becoming more fully human."

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explore the Satir and Bulbrook models of family dynamics and communication patterns.
    (View the models here.)
  2. Identify family energetc history using the TYLEM assessment process.
  3. Gain insights into your relationship energetic pattern(s).
  4. Experience multi-dimensional energetic healing.
  5. Clear communication patterns therapeutically and energetically.
  6. Discuss insights to create a new path for yourself.
  7. Experience spiritual congruent communication.


Advanced Energy Medicine Healing Techniques taught in these classes:

  • Six-Pointed Star Relationship Meditation
  • Spiritual Congruent Communication
  • Meditation to Balance the Energy System
  • Multi-Sensory Cues to Energetic Flow
  • Energetic Relational Patterns Healing Protocol
  • Satir Energetic Communication
  • Bulbrook's Energetic Communication Patterns


Dr. Bulbrook is a master psychotherapist, spiritual/medical intuitive, energy healer and teacher with over thirty six years experience teaching healing. She has taught workshops in Peru, Chile, South Africa, Australiea, NewZealand, Canada and throughout the USA. She worked closely with Virginia for over 17 years helping her launch her internatinal teaching network.

Her grounded theory approach to research in partnership with traditional healers from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Peru has enriched out understanding of the healing process. Gifted with intuitive insight, Mary Jo has been able to communicate across time dimensions. Her experence with the death process started in 1976. She helped launch Hospice of Salt Lake and served as the first Director of Training. Dr. Bulbrook's abilities aof Higher Sense Perception developed over time as she went around the world teaching, practicing, and researching was to help people grow and change.

Virginia Satir


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Virginia Satir

The late Virginia Satir was a pioneer in the development of family therapy. During her lifetime, she created a dynamic model to help people change and grow. She was identified as a communication theorist, although in identifying herself she would say her mission was to help people build their self-esteem. Through a simple, dynamic process, she developed an effective model to help people grow and change. Her goal was to help people feel better about themselves and be effective in communicating with others. Based on her experience of helping people for several decades, the model called the "whole person model for becoming more fully human" has been enriched to include energy medicine.

Experience the blending of the work of these two masters to bring about growth and change.


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