Satir / Bulbrook Models of Family Dynamics

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Wednesday, 09 February 2022 00:00

Satir and Bulbrook Models of Family Dynamics and Communication

The Soul’s Birthing Process

The Soul’s Journey & Evolution of Consciousness

Based on Blending the Teachings of Virginia Satir Creator of Family Therapy

With Dr. MJ Bulbrook’s Transform Your Life with Energy Medicine

Ideas Birthed January 17, 2021 Describing Alignment with the Bio-Field

1st Birth – Soul Conception – Sperm Unites with Egg - Creates New Life

2nd Birth – New Life Leaves the Physical Body – Emotional / Physical Growth & Development

3rd Birth – Ego Alignment – Mental Freedom through Self-Empowerment Controlling Destiny

4th Birth – Soul Attunement – Spiritual Evolution – Identifies & Follows Soul’s Life Path


Satir Communication Stances Described Energetically



Satir's Blamer Description
The Blamer finds fault, is a dictator, or boss who acts superior.
  • Message: “If it weren’t for you, everything would be all right.”
  • Internal feeling is tightness in muscles and organs with increase in blood pressure. The voice is hard, tight and often shrill and loud.
  • Message: Body accuses “I am the boss around here.”
  • Inside: “I am lonely and unsuccessful.”
  • Blocks: Others are blocked.

(Satir, Virginia, 1988. The New Peoplemaking. p. 87)

Bulbrook's Blamer Energetic Description
Energetic bullets attack a person that can be taken in at vulnerable spots in their energy system.

Elaboration: A blamer energetically attacks another person with varying intensity. This impacts their energy system as well as the senders energy system including: energy field, energy centers, energy tracts, hara line, core, earth and soul stars either creating holes, tears, shattering or disruptions in energy. The receiver of blame can experience varying amounts of pain if they are unable to block, or shield themselves from the energetic targeting. The blamer can operate with malicious intent or with benevolent intent. (This seems like an oxymoron, but in reality means the person unknowingly sends hurtful energetic flow to another out of awareness. This is quite different from someone who has intent to harm another.) Blaming creates a vulnerability to outside energetic energies in a weakened energetic state.

Field Description of a Blamer

  • Physical – very close to the body
  • Emotional – rigid, solid and unreachable
  • Mental – spiky with radiating darts
  • Spiritual – weak and not visible

Chakra Descriptions of a Blamer

  1. Root – not grounded in healthy way. Attached to the earth with a stone like structure.
  2. Sacral – Rigid in boundaries, filled with debris of various kinds & intensity. Hard or impossible to reach emotions energetically.
  3. Solar Plexus – Solid and stony with tight boundaries.
  4. Heart – Closed or closing.
  5. Throat – Open and blasting.
  6. Brow – Critical and judgmental.
  7. Crown – Closed or weak or undeveloped.

Potential harmful impact of a Blamer on receiver

  • Holes, tears and/or shattering of the recipient’s field.
  • Blocks and shutting down of the chakras.
  • Stopping flow in meridians, body organs and body systems thus affecting bodily functioning.

Blamer Hara Line severs

  • ID – sense of who you is affected and you become bossy and rigid.
  • Soul Seat – life purpose is to blame and focus on others not self.
  • Tan Tien – unstable in the self, grounding from pushing others.


Satir's Placator Description
A placator (hands up and begging on their knees) is ingratiating, pleaser, apologizing, and never disagrees no matter what.
  • Message: “I am helpless” in a victims posture.
  • Inside: “I feel like a nothing; without you I am dead. I am worthless.”
  • Blocks: Self is blocked.

(Satir, The New People Making. 1988. p. 85.)

Bulbrook's Energetic Description of Placator
Energetic pleading and sucking energy with a result of blocking the self energetically.

Elaboration – The placator has a weak field with little or no boundaries. The heart is open wide and others may walk all over it taking advantage of the person who keeps giving and hoping to be accepted or fit in with the crowd. Ideas are kept to the self and if challenged the person will easily back down.

Field Description of a Placator

  • Physical – No or little boundaries.
  • Emotional – Reaching out is wimpy.
  • Mental – Gaps, not focused or clear or able to present your ideas.
  • Spiritual – Under-developed.
Chakra Descriptions of a Placator
  1. Root – Ungrounded.
  2. Sacral – Emotionally fragile, energy lines weak.
  3. Solar Plexus – Weak energy and not flowing.
  4. Heart – Vulnerable and over extended or lacking boundaries.
  5. Throat – Whining, not speaking clear, energy lines broken.
  6. Brow – Not in present time as charka is blocked.
  7. Crown – Loss of spiritual connection energetically to Source.
Potential harmful impact of a Placator on receiver
  • Others on the receiving end of a placator want to withdraw from them as they can be too wishy washer and not give clear input when asked.
  • Little joy in being with them.
Super Reasonable
Satir's Super Reasonable / Computer Description
The computer is very correct, very reasonable and shows no semblance of feeling. The person seems calm, cool and collected, dry, often cool and detached. Voice is dry monotone and words are likely to be abstract. The body computes. The person blocks out the self and the context.
  • Message: is “I’m calm, cool and collected and have all the answers.”
  • Inside: the person feels vulnerable.

(Satir, The New People Making. 1988. p. 89.)

Bulbrook's Energetic Description of Super Reasonable
Blocks out others and the context through creating interpretable boundary.
Field Description of a Super Reasonable
  • Physical – Rigid energy & stony.
  • Emotional – Not flowing, blocked and hard shell.
  • Mental – Closed, thinking is rigid.
  • Spiritual – Unavailable, undeveloped with holes.
Chakra Descriptions of a Super Reasonable
  1. Root – Not grounded in a flowing way or too grounded as a rock, the energy does not touch the earth properly.
  2. Sacral – Blocked for input. Feels right all the time and others are wrong regardless of data or input. This charka is blocked.
  3. Solar Plexus – Ego inflated – opinionated and judgmental. The charka has forceful energy outward and not allows for free exchange of energy.
  4. Heart – blocked and hurting with shallow weak energy lines.
  5. Throat – Not listening, speaking and over rides the person like a one-way street of energy flow.
  6. Brow – Only able to see what one wants, has a strong filter that does not account for other energy
  7. Crown – Blocked spiritually or shut down.
Potential harmful impact of Super Reasonable on receiver

The energy is so strong there seems to be no way to have an even exchange of energy. Another’s opinion is often not heard or over ridden without considering other input.

Irrelevancy / Distractor
Satir's Irrelevancy /Distractor Description
Whatever the distracter does or says is irrelevant to what anyone else is saying or doing. This person doesn’t respond to the point.
  • Message: “I am off somewhere else.”
  • Inside: The person is feeling: “Nobody cares, there is no place for me here.”

(Satir, The New People Making. 1988. p. 91.)

Bulbrook's Energetic Description of Irrelevancy
Not grounded, does not make sense and jumps around in communication.

Elaboration – Blocks out the self, other and context therefore the flow of energy is irrational and the circuitry is not wired up properly.

Field Description of Irrelevancy
  • Physical – Non-existent or close to the body what little is there.
  • Emotional – frazzled and off center.
  • Mental – Gaps, some huge.
  • Spiritual – Not connected.
Chakra Descriptions of Irrelevancy
  1. Root – Ungrounded.
  2. Sacral – Jumps from one thing to the next where the energy lines are not lined up with a clear message.
  3. Solar Plexus – Poor ego and not able to think clearly because the energy flows erratically.
  4. Heart – Vulnerable and not filled up or properly focused to receive input energetically.
  5. Throat – Doesn’t track logically or make sense as if there are some connector lines missing.
  6. Brow – No future seen because the energetic foundation is not build.
  7. Crown – Not connected energetically.
Potential harmful impact of Irrelevancy on receiver
  • Give up. Don’t know where or how to connect.
  • Gets into trying hard and attempts to make it better.
  • No planning or dreaming together.
  • No real positive energy flow together.
  • No stability in the relationship.
Satir's Leveler / Clear Communication Description
Clear communication, called “leveling” or “flowing,” heals ruptures, breaks impasses, and builds bridges between people.
  • Message: The effect is congruence and says “I like you.” The voice is warm and the person looks at you. The message is single and straight and represents a truth of the person at that moment.
    Inside: The words match the facial expression, body position and voice tone. Relationships are easy, free and honest with self-esteem high. 

(Satir, The New People Making. 1988. p. 93.)

Bulbrook's Energetic Description of Leveler
Able to hold your ground. Clear in communicating needs. Set physical and emotional energetic boundaries.
Field Description of a Leveler

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – Open and flowing with clearly defined boundaries.

Chakra Descriptions of a Leveler

All chakras are about equal, open and flowing allowing for the energy to come in and go out easily.

Potential impact of a Leveler / Clear Communication on receiver
  • Enhances the flow of energy for the other person.
  • Clear communication helps things to grow.
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