Senior Wellness

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Written by Chris   
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 00:00


Offers seniors ways to be healthy and happy.


Senior Wellness is an energy based program designed for seniors or those who provide care and services to seniors. Maintaining and regaining health are of primary concern to seniors and those who care for them.

This program covers a variety of energy based modalities specially designed for older adults. It can be incorporated in a variety of settings such as retirement communities, nursing homes, day care facilities, church settings and in senior centers and hospital-based programs. There are three parts available for seniors:

  • Part 1. Wellness Classes
  • Part 2. Wellness Clinic for Seniors
  • Part 3. Private Client Sessions

This program is designed for seniors 60 and over who will be guided to:

  1. Learn ways to maintain and regain health and well being.
  2. Practice giving and receiving energy-based care.
  3. hare with others effective ways to care for and about the self and others.
  4. Continue daily self care program with support.
    • General health care
    • Stress
    • Pain management
    • Depression
    • Headache Relief
    • End of Life Issues
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