Energy Medicine for Massage Therapists

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Written by Chris   
Saturday, 12 May 2018 00:00

Program Goal

Energy Medicine for Massage Therapists(EM-MT) is designed for massage therapists who desire to add complementary therapy certification to their credentials empowering them with expertise in energy medicine.

Program Description

The contributions of energy medicine provide an additional framework for massage therapists to stay current in some of the newest innovations impacting health and healing.

Designed for massage therapist practitioners, EM-MT provides theory, energetic principles of care, energetic assessment, and energetic interventions, self-care practices and a two-day practicum under the supervision of an Energy Medicine instructor of the TYLEM program to support applying the material earned to a massage therapy practice. 


Program Objectives

Massage therapist will be able to:
  1. Describe the energy system.
  2. Explore the application of Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine to compliment a massage therapy practice.
  3. Practice giving and receiving EM-MT.
  4. Discuss the implications for practice of massage therapy with energy medicine.
  5. Describe the ethical implications of energetic therapy as applied to a massage therapy practice.
  6. Practice energy medicine self-care for the healer with suggestions for clients.
  7. Provide supervised practicum by an TYLEM instructor.

Program Content

  • Energy System – Energy Field (aura), Energy Centers (chakras)
  • Energetic Pre and Post Assessment
  • Ethics in Energetic Clinical Practices
  • Energy Medicine Process
  • Energetic Interventions: Moving Energy, Sending Energy, Sensing Energy, Inner Core Balance, Energy Field Drain and Replenishment
  • Energetic Self Care: Meditation to Balance the Energy System, Heart Attunement
  • Supervised Practice Combining EM-MT and massage therapy practice
  • Presentation of Case Studies with Instructor
  • Role of Complementary Therapies in Health and Healing
  • Experience of Energy – Practicing Giving and Receiving Energetic Interventions
  • Eligible to apply to become Certified as an EM-MT
  • Documentation of EM-MT

Curriculum Summary 

EM-MT Part 1  provides the opportunity for a massage therapist to experience energetic ways to enhance a massage therapy practice.   (8 contact hours)
EM-MT Part 2 offers energetic self-care practices for the massage therapist to use with clients as well as enhance their own self-care as healers.  (8 contact hours)
EM-MT Part 3 applies energy medicine to a massage therapy practice with supervision with and energy medicine practitioner instructor who is also a qualified massage therapist. (16 contact hours)


EM-MT serves as the equivalent of TYLEM Part I, Clearing the Self and serves as ½ of the requirements for the supervised practicum for becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner that is based on the full TYLEM curriculum.
This program is based on the Transform Your Life Energy Medicine (TYLEM) Program offered throughout USA, Canada, Peru, Australia, South Africa and Chile. TYLEM was developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CEMP/S/I, CHTP. In the core TYLEM program, there are many massage therapists who have offered input regarding the need and support for EM-MT. Special thanks to licensed massage therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioners Donna Duff, Sue Pattinson, Katlin Hecox and Teresa Robinette for their dedication and contributions. They have insured this program reflects the needs and interests of the practicing massage therapist. 


There are four current credentialing arrangements for the courses and programs offered through Energy Medicine Partnerships. Please follow this link for details.



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