Instructor Training

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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Saturday, 12 May 2018 00:00

This article contains TYLEM and EMSC Instructor training. Click here for a PDF copy.

TYLEM Instructor Training

To see the TYLEM course background, click here.


Provide adequate training and support to offer one or more of the Energy Medicine Partnerships educational programs.


Becoming an instructor for Energy Medicine Partnerships is a journey rather than a linear task. Decisions to be eligible to enter one of the instructor pathways are made on applicants request, previous training as a teacher in energy medicine or another field or energy modality and background / interests. The EMP program director oversees the development of all instructors; however, in some instances, the role is delegated to other senior faculty.


Steps To Become An EMP Instructor

  1. Request to become an instructor is put in writing to the EMP Program Director and sent to headquarters - 3211 Gibson Road, Durham, NC 27703, USA. Include:
    1. Brief description of your intent and course(s) you are interested in teaching
    2. Resume or curriculum vitae
    3. Copies of EMP courses attended and certificates 
    4. Copies of other energy courses attended and certificates
    5. Full address, email, web page if you have one and photo
    6. A list of your strengths and weaknesses in teaching 
  2. Once application is approved, the applicant will be notified in writing his / her status.
  3. Requirements for teaching TYLEM: Complete EM Parts 1-5 with practicum under an approved TYLEM instructor.
  • Obtain Certification as an Energy Medicine Practitioner.
  • Receive supervision either in person or on line with a qualified TYLEM instructor or mentor
  • Retake the classes at least 1-2 times as a helper/coordinator/teacher-apprentice.
  • Co-teach at least once the EM courses(s).
  • Participate in the EMP annual meetings to network, grow in the clinical application of the EM, and stay current with what is going on in the program, grow as a practitioner and instructor.
  • Communicate with EMP Program Director when you feel you are ready to solo teaching under supervision.
  • Once this step is approved, connect with assigned supervisor with appropriate times and dates.
  • Prepare for your solo course and discuss with instructor the following:
    1. Overall presentation rating
    2. Ease of talking and expressing your ideas and opinions.
    3. Complete the paperwork after the class and return the paper to headquarters.

Instructors are expected to teach under a

Code of Ethics for Teaching and Standards of Education.


Energy Medicine Self Care (EMSC) Instructor Training

To see the EMSC course background, click here.


Provide framework for teaching energy medicine self-care to individuals, families groups with Energy Medicine Partnerships.


The participants will be able to:

  • Describe the EMSC program
  • Experience samples from two EMSC modules
    • Health Enhancement & Stress Relief
    • Coping with Grief and Loss
    • Healing from Trauma, Abuse and Disasters
  • Learn how to teach EMSC content from these two modules
  • Identify a personal vision for your role in EMSC program
  • Create a group hara for the EMSC program
  • Make an individual and group WISH list for EMSC
  • Describe the administrative liaison with EMSC and EMP

Content of EMSC Instructor Training

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Centering Star of David Meditation
  • Introductions
  • EMP Overview
  • EM Self-Care Project Overview
  • Group Visioning
  • Sharing Your Vision
  • Establishing Group Hara for EMSC
  • Teaching EMSC Strategies – what to look for
  • Administrative framework to teach the program
  • Discussion & feedback



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