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Written by Mary Jo Bulbrook   
Monday, 03 June 2019 00:00
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TYLEM Overview
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Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM™)


Benefits of TYLEM

Energy Medicine helps one to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Promote relaxation
  • Address illnesses and health challenges
  • Heal family and relationship issues
  • Eliminate past hurts, fears and disappointments
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Manage pain
  • Recover from trauma
  • Cope with grief or loss
  • Assist others to heal and
  • Promote a renewed sense of well-being


Achieve optimal health in body, emotion, mind, and spirit. 

Program Goal

Thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that may be causing an imbalance are identified, and then documented using a comprehensive assessment and psycho-spiritual treatment process. Energetic interventions are applied to help balance and restore energy flow.


Medical intuitive Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook founded the program - Transform Your Life through Energy MedicineTM. It is based on her distinguished 36 year career as a university professor and clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing. From 1974-84, she was a key figure in the development of world-renowned family therapist Virginia Satir's teaching organization, Avanta Network. Drawing on their 12 years together, elements from Virginia's teachings and philosophy were integrated with Dr. Bulbrook's holistic nursing theory "Healing From Within and Without." Over the next decade, Dr. Bulbrook's therapy training evolved into the "Energetic Healing" program. In 2004, the title of the program was changed to its current name, representing the growth and expansion from the original model. The work continues to advance today.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Bulbrook has been a pioneer in the energy medicine field. She began teaching and practicing Therapeutic Touch and Touch for Health in the 1970s, and moved to teaching her own energy material in the 1980s. From 1990-2004, Dr. Bulbrook was active in the leadership of Healing Touch. She developed both HT and her own program in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, and Chile, as well as throughout the US and Canada. Dr. Bulbrook has collaborated with international healers such as Rosalyn Bruyere, Credo Mutwa (South African Sangoma), Bob Randall (Aborigine elder), and Rose Pere (Maori Tohuna).

In 1989, Dr. Bulbrook was honored with the Canadian Holistic Nurse of the Year award. From this rich background, she was able to create a highly effective and easy-to-implement model of advanced psycho-spiritual treatment. Currently she is Dean of the Institute for CAM Studies affiliated with Akamai University.


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